Previous Projects

Morona BMAP

Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program by Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and GeoPark Perú that aims to monitor and mitigate the impacts of oil extraction in the ecosystem in Morona, Loreto.

Sagari Project

Mitigating forest fragmentation around a gas pipeline by maintaining and monitoring natural and semi-artificial canopy bridges.

Giant River Otter Distribution in Loreto 

Surveying giant river otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) burrows and latrines along the Nanay River.

Wired Amazon

Wired Amazon brings together science and tourism. The project includes studies such as the HarpyCam and AmazonCam Tambopata. 

Wired Amazon LOGO.png

Camera Trapping and Bio-acoustics

Using camera traps, we monitored the rainforest mammal community from the ground and the canopy. With the help of acoustic recorders, we were also able to monitor poaching via gunshots.

Tree Top Manu

Tree Top Manu is a project that studies different groups of wildlife in distinctly impacted rainforest ecosystems, comparing them to study the impact of the different human activities in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. 

Tambopata Macaw Project

The Tambopata Macaw Project monitors the ecology of wild parrots and macaws in the Tambopata National Reserve 

Current Projects